Every time I have a body pain crisis, Dr. Walsh always fixes me up and ensures I can follow up with my own healing energy to stay empowered and healthy. Just this year I’ve had three different issues and each visit has been a successful step towards not only recovery from persistent pain, but encouraging lessons on how to improve my posture, strengthen my body, and avoid recurrence. I would recommend John Walsh to any and everyone who seeks pain relief without giving it a second thought. Thank you so much!
— Moni P. (Tahoe City, CA)
Knowledgeable, holistic, with a ton of experience, especially for skiiers, this guy is awesome!. I had my first appointment with John today and I just couldn’t ask for a better chiropractor in Tahoe City. John does very gentle adjustments and gives you stretches and exercises to do to strengthen and balance your body. He knows about nutritional supplements and the entire gamut of things your body needs to get back in action. I am grateful for his support.
— Jonathan G. (Oakland, CA)
Dr. John is the best! Very knowledgeable and experienced. He is great at understanding what is wrong and what to do about it, plus he supplies you with exercises and stretches that you can do to prevent problems in the future.
— Bill M. (Carnelian Bay, CA)
John was very professional. He understood me as an athlete, albeit an old bump skier from Squaw. I have always had snap- crackle- pop type chiros, not him. He proceeded to explain the relationship between my spine and muscle function. As an athelete, I wanted resolution for the future, not a quick fix. He outlined exercises, stretches, etc.that would resolve future issues. Within one day I felt much better and knew this was the path I wanted to embark on. If you are an athelete or not, he is one you should investigate. You will not be disappointed!
— Sharon C. (Tahoe City, CA)
While visiting Tahoe in August, I pulled my back out doing two strenuous hikes. Luckily I found Dr. Walsh and he fit me in immediately the same day I called. A caring, knowledgeable practitioner, Dr. Walsh listened thoughtfully as I recounted my over-zealous activities the previous two days. Then he did a variety of stretches and worked in the deeper spaces between muscles and skeleton, explaining each step of the way what he was doing. He then showed me some exercises I could do on my own and me video record them on my phone so I could practice after I left his office. Thanks to Dr. Walsh, I felt like a new woman the very next day. I wish I lived there so I could have regular tune-ups with him! It’s good to know that he’s a “homeboy” with a special gift of art and science, because I go to North Tahoe twice a year and will call him if I ever injure myself again. Because he is a sportsman himself, Dr. Walsh understands a lot of what can happen to an athlete as well as a day hiker. I also appreciated how well he listens and explains things. I think he is the greatest!
— Barbara C. (El Cerrito, CA)
Dr. John is the man! You’re tweaked? He will fix you. An avid community and family Tahoe guy, Dr. John is an ex-US Ski Team member who understands athletes. Go see him, you won’t be disappointed.
— Brendan M. (Tahoe City, CA)
Dr. Walsh was very helpful and solution oriented when I visited him. Most medical experiences consist of a Dr. writing you off and giving you a pill or multiple expensive visits with a lot of head-scratching. Dr. Walsh was great at providing stretches and posture coaching to resolve my issue. He has also helped my mom and other friends with back issues and has come highly recommended
— Chris W. (Rohnert Park, CA)
Dr John knows his stuff, particularly around the sports scene. Super smart and funny, Dr John has got me on the mend both times I have gone to see him. An absolute great chiropractor and community guy.
— Jesse H. (Tahoe City, CA)
Dr. John is the best chiropractor I have been treated by. He is very diligent, and has a very good understanding of sports injuries thanks to his own professional sports career. He helps you understand how you can prevent injuries to occur again (which may not be good for his business, but it is a sign of a person who truly cares about his patients wellbeing). I highly recommend contacting John to get a mroe holistic treatment rather than by somebody who will just “crack your back”. You will love the experience.
— Marten S. (San Francisco, CA)